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Shijia Inn Nanjing Rd. Pedestrian (Shijia Hotel Shanghai) is within walking distance of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and the Bund,  handy to People's Square,  Shanghai History Museum and Yu Garden.

Guests can check emails with free broadband internet access.

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住客评论 1410条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • e02842946
    Easily accessible, convenient, close to the Bund, Nanjing Road, it was very good!
  • erdong1977
    Opposite the old Shanghai flavor blue hotel, very unique dishes! from Nanjing Road and yuanmingyuan road is very near!
  • littme
    Service is good, really
  • nlx1355
    No problem
  • lifecon
    Environment, and convenient shopping
  • foreversun47
    Well, very close to the Bund and convenient.?
  • joyming22
    Beds is relatively small, with children slept crowded toilet hygiene can also, is that television is old fashioned, room a bit, the surrounding environment but it was Nanjing East Road Subway station these days, only from people's square a taxi past
  • jsjwlm
    Very near from Bund. walk five minutes. very convenient. rooms are good
  • deerinforest
    Poor attitude, make an appointment before 12 o'clock, and leaving no room at all to shop, air conditioning nor at night always take two in the morning, all!
  • fanaticism
    Really close to the Bund, day, walk around at night, and it was a lot of food, very good
  • E03227151
    Good attitude
  • jige2000
    Room very clean, facilities although not is luxury, but basic need of are has. location very superior, away from Bund and Nanjing Road are only five minutes of distance. hotel next has convenience shop, buy things is convenient. near snacks also compared more, next of dumplings, rice are delicious. insufficient of at is no screens, will has mosquito fly came in. Windows not too noise, street of noisy or listening to have is clear. also has situation no elevator
  • niuxl8377
    The location of the hotel is very good, very close to the Nanjing Road, is 10 minutes to the Bund. around convenient metro 2, 10 line is almost 600 metres. than rows of hotels, facilities, clean and comfortable, the service is also available.
  • maywang
    It's OK
  • pascal.wang
    Which is very nice
  • melodylc
    Is away from the Bund, Nanjing Road.
  • traveljulia
    Good location 10 minutes from Nanjing Road pedestrian street, 5 minutes away from the Bund. clean, restroom is delicious.
  • spring_2010
    Each wall of the room looked a little dirty but overall was good, good location away from the Bund, Nanjing Road, very close to the temple, especially convenient
  • e02513350
    Hotel with Metro Line 2 line in just a few minutes, go to the Bund, Nanjing Road are very convenient, hotel outside looks old, but the room was very clean, and overall is quite satisfactory.
  • auwangxu
    Overall not bad! is air conditioning air outlet is loose creak noise affect the rest, breakfast aunt very good and praise one!
  • nwwn01
    Very good location very close to the Bund, Nanjing Road
  • dragondff
    Near the Bund was downstairs and so many good meals and convenience stores Internet Café
  • adaniel26
    OK, room was a bit small, but still very comfortable, two girls ... enough
  • liling_0808
    Snatching gold in Shanghai where nice
  • fyjingxp
    Hotel location good, around travel also convenient, away from Metro station, Bund, Mall are not far, but let people not satisfaction of is health too poor. hotel within device equipment is compared old of, was is see hotel played 328 returned now 55 of luxury room, results in Hou with other users posted of pictures is as of, is General of standard room. This lots, also on understanding has, but House in roof Shang has blood, wall Shang in off skin, bed than other chain of small points, quilt too thin, in plenaryMonths late should is enough of, from Cabinet in took out of quilt a big circle yellow of, not know is urine also is other, call to front desk, housing in of phone is bad of, last with himself field phone playing has front desk, consultations half only took to has quilt. everyone can do reference. yihou not again staying this hotel. I summary of live price right of also is live compared famous of chain hotel OK, at least health also can see past
  • jimlin
    Hotel's main advantage is the location, away from the Nanjing Road, the Bund, is close to the Metro station, the traffic is very convenient, this is very important. What facilities are in General, the rooms are not large, is relatively old, not better than the Inn. but this lot at this price in Shanghai has been quite good, is also recommended.
  • customsjin
  • m05258763
    Hotel too old, TV is 29 inches, very poor picture, can't see, will not stay this hotel! the traffic is convenient, it was only this advantage!
  • fjg172019
    Good location to anywhere near the room was satisfied with facilities is very good
  • csnetpig
    Good location, facilities.
  • citycruser
    Hotel location is very good, not too far from places such as Nanjing Road in the Bund, YuYuan chenghuang Temple, down a street with lots of food, inexpensive but delicious. behind closed doors and Windows of the room noisy, bathroom also OK
  • e00837845
    Wireless network is not working, the facility is too old, health General
  • fangboning
    The location of the hotel is very good, from the Nanjing Road, the Bund is only 300 metres away, and there are various dishes on! Line 2 line on the side, is very affordable
  • dragonBoat
    From Nanjing Road pedestrian street, only a ten minutes walk from the
  • becorit
    Good health condition is good, the hotel room is a bit small other good
  • andytian1668
    The location of the hotel is very good, it's near the bund and nanjing road, convenient traffic, near to eat is also very convenient .
  • Meelan
    Condition is not good, save old equipment, attitude, value is not high.
  • e00135761
    With the front desk to ask for directions the variance, traveling mood is affected ...
  • lxbcy521
    Was very close to the pedestrian street and the Bund, is very convenient. don't worry about back to the hotel, easy walk to the Bund. hotel, not so bad, not in the room during the day. cheaper. There is dirt on the roof.
  • e00094240
    Convenient location, is the ageing of the facility.
  • summer102923
    Facilities in the old
  • macac
    Very convenient, only three minutes from the Bund, Nanjing Road pedestrian street for five minutes, which is very convenient, the hotel is also good
  • conan123
    Very good, was very close to the attractions, convenient
  • JOE67
    Nearest metro station closed during the national day holiday, travel was tiring, still have to walk 20 minutes a day, alas!
  • e00108368
    High performance-price ratio
  • liola
    Old environmental facilities, other service
  • superlibg
    Price is OK, the Bund and Nanjing Road is very convenient. young hotel staff very well. overall satisfaction.
  • doreen8283
    Very near from Bund, very convenient, very clean
  • ferrari_f
    Good location, the field is very convenient for people who travel to Shanghai, very close to the Bund and Nanjing Road, a few minutes of walking, and thoughtful service, the only thing is the tenant of accommodation quality is not high, noisy in the corridor in the early morning, all in all very good!
  • gl19900721
    Excellent location, just a few steps from the Bund. Good price. Enough clean, not too much, poor english at reception and no services (like calling a taxi!).