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     The Shijia Hotel (Shanghai Shijia Jiudian) is within walking distance of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and the Bund,  handy to People's Square,  Shanghai History Museum and Yu Garden.

     Guests can check emails with free broadband internet access.

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住客评论 1342条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • luoxuan0301
    Overall pretty good, come back later
    From the Bund near
    This is the second stay, staying for the first time, this time I do not know why the poor poor, poor room that was in Nanjing Road, or worse than hostel, General knowledge, poor, poor, poor, saying all these, white said, will not be sent to me.
  • jianyi_0031
    I chose this hotel room is luxury, value for money is OK.1, good location, Metro station 5, 6 minutes from the Bund and Nanjing Road walk for about 10 minutes. 2, room was clean and had briefly to clean up and change linen every day. 3, front desk friendly! will choose next time!
  • Jeffry
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • e00245930
    Convenient, good location, too.
  • ann317
    Is the home of affordable hotels! for health and the environment in General. but very close to the Bund and City God Temple! night super convenient to the Bund at night.
  • Celineyu
    Pretty good
  • mj_ff
    Deluxe standard room pictures on the actual and variance, a bit like a standard room, but the room good, bathroom was good service attitude
  • jrong220
    Very near from Bund! five minutes will be able to ... good choice.
  • E02303228
  • crfsy
    Also, very convenient.
  • arvin0066
    Good location, conveniently close to the Bund, Nanjing Road pedestrian street
  • jiajia927
    If OK?
  • lili1998
    Old location bar facilities very convenient
  • amdjj
    In addition to the good, and the rest don't expect, this is the worst the highest hotel in the trip.
  • e01496557
    Location, very good, health is OK, a bit poor facilities, staff is not very good.
  • e02784831
    Location is very good, there is no hair dryer, but later asked him to be.
  • dlyscm
    Living together with friends, travel is easy, good
  • e02375161
    Facilities, beautiful environment, excellent service, snacks around a lot, and affordable.
  • cywan9
    Good location, Metro station and the River near. facilities in General.
  • goofy
    Location, convenience, go to the Bund, Oriental Pearl is Nanjing Road pedestrian street, Temple is more than 10 minutes away, the room facilities a bit dated, arranging family room very quiet, nice!
  • bamboo006
    Good location, less than 5 minutes ' walk from Nanjing Road, from the Bund, also close, although the hotel does not offer breakfast, but nearby breakfast shops. in-house facilities are OK, basic, there was no complimentary mineral water, need to bring their own water, the attention, but also many nearby convenience stores.
  • july5777
    Good location, go to the Bund, Nanjing Road close to the Hotel feels old.
    Hotel in good location although haven't heard close to the City God Temple and the Bund pedestrian street but sanitation General bathroom is a bunch of long hair is also very dirty under the bed noise effect is not very good
  • lida_804
    This hotel basically is a guest house type, facilities old, some network comments of also can, not know whether is supporting, victims have we a into room, wife and son on angry has, because and online see have and the network assessment inconsistent, away from Bund and Nanjing Road does is near, next to may not select has, yihou please everyone truthfully evaluation, to Mian caused family not harmony, please everyone!
  • feifei800
    Two words! spam. this room smell Super gross. smoking and my head hurts.
  • ilovegsj
    Is close to the Huangpu River, nice hotel
  • NN babe
    Hotel is very good, very clean very close to the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower, worth living.
  • apple_wlr
    All right
  • e04472706
    Does away from Bund is near, facilities old, but old return old's, health total to well points's! this two Chair like has years no wipe has! later found quilt cover sheets Shang are has old of blood! really of is no language has, a night are in nightmare in the! strongly recommends don't live here! I is first times evaluation so more! wrote have too tired! also not at wrote evaluation! full is conscience comments!
  • e02044196
    Location. environment. convenient shopping around for dinner.
  • angelo86
    That is not to say that, in less than ten minutes walk to the Bund. others saw little highlights. but on the Bund will save money, don't ask too much, do not lack money or peace of the Peninsula Hotel.
  • sinobuying
    Yes, because the plane was delayed, so check in early, but had reserved a room at the front desk. around transport facilities, rest at night was quiet, children sleep very soundly.
  • iliad
    Hotel facilities are old and good location, convenient,
  • xuxu8191
    Location, this room is absolutely not worth the price
  • joyleeliyuefang
    Hotel is very good. miles Beach, Nanjing Road, Shanghai, Oriental Pearl TV Tower is nearby to get something to eat!
  • lin0941
    Hotel location near subway, the Bund, pedestrian street close to convenience, snacks on the side, tummy problems can always be solved; old facilities, but it was quiet. Unlike can now be delayed until 2 o'clock in the afternoon checking out must be before 12, and this unreasonable; triple, in fact, is added.
  • canoe521
    Service is good, the Bund, is close to the temple, also near where convenient, surrounded by places to eat
  • jing0703
    All right
  • mrdoctor
  • andyyun
    I think it is not quite satisfied with the main room of the quilt is too dirty and then don't want to live Sockets is not so good as if leakage is relatively cheap but I still hope that members will consider ordering service is very good this question clearly positive
  • justmei
    Good location!
  • gun304
    Facilities, good location, convenient subway, go to the Bund and Nanjing Road for a few minutes. on the wireless network is not
  • e00218526
    Convenient! hotel also has a security door, need a key card to enter, feel more secure. highly recommended.
  • moneyseven
    All right
  • baobeiyoo
    Traffic in the vicinity, restaurants are very convenient, the Bund, walking Street is a few minutes, but stay with a little reluctance, a little Guest House
  • e00051965
    Hotel location was good, very close to the Bund and Nanjing Road, just inside the device are comparatively old, things are not all, if to live comfortable or do not choose this if for convenience is also recommended.
  • lixuewei
    Location is very convenient
  • bear0111
    Hotels and the facilities are too general, health status is poor, but the waiter was very good.