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     The Shijia Hotel (Shanghai Shijia Jiudian) is within walking distance of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and the Bund,  handy to People's Square,  Shanghai History Museum and Yu Garden.

     Guests can check emails with free broadband internet access.

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住客评论 740条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • Cosmo
    Response good
  • e00010906
    Hotel location is very good, but old rooms facilities, in room smelly, noisy rooms close to the roadside!
  • fyjingxp
    Hotel location good, around travel also convenient, away from Metro station, Bund, Mall are not far, but let people not satisfaction of is health too poor. hotel within device equipment is compared old of, was is see hotel played 328 returned now 55 of luxury room, results in Hou with other users posted of pictures is as of, is General of standard room. This lots, also on understanding has, but House in roof Shang has blood, wall Shang in off skin, bed than other chain of small points, quilt too thin, in plenaryMonths late should is enough of, from Cabinet in took out of quilt a big circle yellow of, not know is urine also is other, call to front desk, housing in of phone is bad of, last with himself field phone playing has front desk, consultations half only took to has quilt. everyone can do reference. yihou not again staying this hotel. I summary of live price right of also is live compared famous of chain hotel OK, at least health also can see past
  • liuxianling
    Good location, but rooms are a little older!
  • customsjin
  • e04472706
    Does away from Bund is near, facilities old, but old return old's, health total to well points's! this two Chair like has years no wipe has! later found quilt cover sheets Shang are has old of blood! really of is no language has, a night are in nightmare in the! strongly recommends don't live here! I is first times evaluation so more! wrote have too tired! also not at wrote evaluation! full is conscience comments!
  • leonardo100
    Poor facilities
  • cleverluding
    From the Bund, go to the Nanjing Road and the Bund, particularly convenient, very close to the Metro Line 2 line, eating places nearby. General Inn standards in other areas, street stalls and some noisy at night, but in Shanghai the lot prices are reasonable.
  • ann317
    Is the home of affordable hotels! for health and the environment in General. but very close to the Bund and City God Temple! night super convenient to the Bund at night.
  • nwwn01
    Very good location very close to the Bund, Nanjing Road
    Environment, good location
  • jane312007
    Lived for nearly a week, room layout is relatively simple, because every day outside, don't care too much about
  • lxbcy521
    Was very close to the pedestrian street and the Bund, is very convenient. don't worry about back to the hotel, easy walk to the Bund. hotel, not so bad, not in the room during the day. cheaper. There is dirt on the roof.
  • melodylc
    Is away from the Bund, Nanjing Road.
  • littme
    Service is good, really
  • Wen-ting
    Position is good, very near from Bund, Nanjing East Road, the hotel is very old
  • long12345
    The good location of the hotel, Nanjing Road, the Bund, take two steps to the Metro station,
  • alex19860121
    A good environment, good location, away from the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Nanjing Road pedestrian street, very close to places such as, can be reached on foot, and enjoy the scenery here, are people much more special
  • AlexXiaoDW
    General General
  • tango
    Very convenient location close to the Nanjing Road and very close to the Metro station
  • lindaba
    Near the old Bund in Shanghai, such a price environment has hope, and good, that is small
  • goofy
    Location, convenience, go to the Bund, Oriental Pearl is Nanjing Road pedestrian street, Temple is more than 10 minutes away, the room facilities a bit dated, arranging family room very quiet, nice!
  • conan123
    Very good, was very close to the attractions, convenient
    Location is very good, and pedestrian street very close to the Bund. is the room was a bit shabby, and also very noisy at night!! whole or. good location, and pedestrian street very close to the Bund. is the room was a bit shabby, and also very noisy at night!! whole or can be.
  • M05862545
    Help a friend scheduled, friends reaction was not too good. obsolete facilities, and also no hair dryer in the room, shower is narrow, easily elbows touch the wall, slightly better in addition to lot. I don't know who gave him the courage to be so expensive
  • greenteaxj
    Great! good!
  • gun304
    Facilities, good location, convenient subway, go to the Bund and Nanjing Road for a few minutes. on the wireless network is not
  • aegeansea
    To store cold, open rooms, cool, saw a handful of her hair into the House, the room smell very heavy, makes people very uncomfortable, wallpaper is torn, phone no signal, good front desk staff.
  • boycutt
    Children to live of, first times in no adults led of situation Xia out, said is good, room big and clean. front desk service personnel attitude is good, children handle staying Shi waiter phone told I handle reserved amount and not handle consumption amount, for customer sake, very dedicated. children said hotel next delicious of visit many, very convenient. next to Shanghai also consider scheduled this hotel.
  • Alen0419
  • sallyfu33
    Too worthless, toilet there are ants everywhere, no one had lived for a long time, the room is lean, so you feel cheated
  • juju74
    Facilities old
  • dese-tome
    Great location but old room. the management is not good enough, room erotic services ads every day. people think this place is not safe.
  • lwtrl
    Good location, convenient, very close to the Metro ... will live in the future. _
  • pennyxc
    The geography position is very good, near nanjing road, convenient transportation, convenient travel
  • jfeng963852
    Hotel fa?ade facilities are old and room environment, few minutes away from the Bund, is close to the Metro station.
  • fangboning
    The location of the hotel is very good, from the Nanjing Road, the Bund is only 300 metres away, and there are various dishes on! Line 2 line on the side, is very affordable
  • citycruser
    Hotel location is very good, not too far from places such as Nanjing Road in the Bund, YuYuan chenghuang Temple, down a street with lots of food, inexpensive but delicious. behind closed doors and Windows of the room noisy, bathroom also OK
  • icy77
    Furnishings are old and service OK. primarily to the Bund, also very convenient to get to Nanjing Road pedestrian street, dinner at the entrance easily. rooms are quiet
  • Dandolly
    It's not bad
  • lucifergm
    Geographical location, walk to the Bund, take the 10th Metro very convenient, rooms of the internal hardware part is newly built in recent years, other hardware is slightly older, because it is the national day travel, cost is not high.
  • cnlynet007
    To set the price good location hotel was worth it, hotel on Nanjing Road walk to the Bund side of the alley, around the snack a lot, particularly convenient, hotel rooms are very clean and worth living.
  • erdong1977
    Opposite the old Shanghai flavor blue hotel, very unique dishes! from Nanjing Road and yuanmingyuan road is very near!
  • E00107635
    Hotel location is very convenient, clean mouth, nearly from the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, along the Bund, people's square, travel is very convenient, the hotel facilities old.
  • e00094240
    Convenient location, is the ageing of the facility.
  • f95137
    Rooms are simple, showers and some bad, shoot people viewing at the front desk, and found they could not repair, and needs to be replaced. avoiding trouble with the ... live in the building, shopping is convenient for transportation.
  • ferrari_f
    Good location, the field is very convenient for people who travel to Shanghai, very close to the Bund and Nanjing Road, a few minutes of walking, and thoughtful service, the only thing is the tenant of accommodation quality is not high, noisy in the corridor in the early morning, all in all very good!
  • alex1985
    General environment, near the Bund, the ageing of the facility, the room gets cold where clothes, this is not convenient, will investigate summer
  • rubycwt
    Well ... from the Bund near ... clean.
  • baiyan1122
    Great location, affordable!